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What is a Transport Manager?

There are 2 types of transport managers:

- PSV (Public Service Vehicle) Minibuses, Buses, Coaches etc...

- HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) Trailers, Lorries, Wagons etc...

Transport Managers have a unique role within your transport business. They ensure an operator's vehicles and drivers are roadworthy. It is a legal requirement to employ a transport manager internally or externally to gain or maintain an operators licence. Your transport manager must be qualified and experienced. They will be effectively and continuously managing your transport activities. 

A transport manager has a duty to:

  • Manage, audit and review compliance systems to ensure that they are effective

  • Review any shortcomings such as prohibitions and/or annual test failures

  • Ensure that relevant changes are notified in accordance with operator licence requirements

  • Keep up to date on relevant changes in standards and legislation

  • Ensure that drivers hold the appropriate entitlement for the vehicle they are driving

  • Ensure drivers comply with the drivers’ hours and working time rules

  • Ensure that drivers are properly trained and competent to operate all relevant vehicles and equipment

  • Ensure that a proper system of vehicle maintenance is in place and carried out and that all vehicles are kept in a roadworthy condition

  • Ensure that all required records are made properly and kept for the required period.

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